• What’s New in MixEffect 1.2.0

    This video highlights the new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes made in MixEffect 1.1.2, 1.1.3, and 1.2.0. The primary feature of the new release is SuperSource Macros, which allow you to run macros when recalling or exiting from a SuperSource Preset in MixEffect. This video was also notable in that it was the first…

  • Zoom + ZoomISO + ATEM

    Streamed live on August 21, 2021, this video featured a discussion on how to bring high-quality video from Zoom participants into your ATEM switcher live streams. I spoke with Keith Bennett from Life Journey Productions and Tony Smiraldi from Quik Tech Solutions.

  • Let’s Talk MixEffect with Cajoling Technologies and Quik Tech Solutions

    Streamed live on August 12, 2021, I was live with Joe from Cajoling Technologies and Tony from Quick Tech Solutions to talk about MixEffect.

  • What’s New in MixEffect 1.1.1

    MixEffect 1.1.1 now discovers ATEM switchers on your local network, easing the creation of Switcher Connections in the app. You can now jump directly to the View All Presets page with a keyboard shortcut or with a single tap from the Navigation view. The Set SuperSource Box Source OSC command lets you assign a video…

  • Remote Webview – Multiview on your iPad with MixEffect and VDO.Ninja

    MixEffect 1.1.0 introduced Remote Webview, a feature that displays your ATEM switcher’s Multiview inside of MixEffect. Get the signal from the HDMI Out port of your switcher into a Mac or PC and use the free VDO.Ninja service to stream your Multiview to MixEffect.

  • Exploring SuperSource in MixEffect

    An in-depth look at the SuperSource feature in MixEffect. This video covers all of the current SuperSource features of MixEffect.

  • What’s New in MixEffect 1.0.9

    See what’s new in MixEffect 1.0.9 and 1.0.8, released in early July, 2021.

  • Connecting MixEffect With Your ATEM Switcher

    Originally published on July 5, 2021, this video covers tips and tricks to help you get MixEffect connected to your ATEM switcher. This video was published before MixEffect 1.1.1 was available. The app now performs a discovery operation when creating a new switcher connection. If any ATEM switchers are found on your local network, they…

  • SuperSource and Lower Thirds with MixEffect

    This video shows how you can use MixEffect and Shortcuts to automatically display lower third graphics when transitioning to different SuperSource presets in MixEffect.

  • Beyond Macros, Using Shortcuts with MixEffect

    Learn how to go beyond ATEM switcher macros with MixEffect’s extension support for Shortcuts on iOS and iPadOS. See how you access the state of the ATEM switcher and combine it with conditional logic to do things that macros can only dream of doing.