• ATEM Switchers 9.2.1 Update

    Blackmagic has a new update for its ATEM switchers. Version 9.2.1 may fix the long-standing bug with the ATEM 2 M/E Constellation HD where the switcher would send a constant stream of Multiview Input updates to the connected controller (see screenshot below). In the release notes, BMD states: ATEM 1, 2 and 4 M/E Constellation…

  • MixEffect Pro 1.8.0 Release Notes

    MixEffect Pro 1.8.0 Release Notes

    Check out all the exciting new features in MixEffect 1.8.0, including support for the ATEM Television Studio HD8, the ability to reposition an input source within a SuperSource box or DVE/Flying Key, and Shortcut Macros.

  • Live Stream of Blackmagic Design Switcher and Camera Updates on February 23

    Blackmagic Design is going to announce some updates to its switcher and camera lineup this coming Thursday, February 23 at 10 am PST. Check out the times below for when the live stream will happen in your time zone. The last switchers Blackmagic announced were last year’s ATEM Mini SDI lineup. And, they finally starting…

  • Community Videos on the Multiview Switcher and VFA Input Triggers

    Here are two videos from John Barker and Aaron Parecki covering the new Multiview Switcher and the Video Follows Audio Input Triggers in MixEffect 1.7.2. Check them out to see how you can incorporate them in your next video production!

  • MixEffect 1.7.2 Release Notes

    The 1.7.2 update to MixEffect and MixEffect Pro was released to the App Store on December 6, 2022. Here are the new features, updates, and changes in the new version.

  • MixEffect 1.7.1 Release Notes

    A quick update to MixEffect and MixEffect Pro was released to the App Store today. Here are the changes in MixEffect 1.7.1: UI Bug Fixes

  • Using the Multiview Switcher

    Using the Multiview Switcher

    Learn how to use the new Multiview Switcher panel in MixEffect 1.7.0.

  • MixEffect 1.7.0 Released

    MixEffect 1.7.0 Released

    See what’s new in MixEffect 1.7.0, including iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.1 exclusive features such as Run in Background and the Multiview Switcher.

  • Aaron Parecki on Three Ways to Control Your ATEM Mini Wirelessly

    Aaron Parecki has a new 8-minute long video today showcasing three ways to wirelessly control an ATEM switcher, including MixEffect, LiveApp Pro, and Companion.

  • Original ATEM Mini Discontinued, Lower Price Points for ATEM Mini Pro and Mini Pro ISO

    Blackmagic has discontinued the original ATEM Mini and lowered the price of the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO to $295 and $595 respectively. This comes one year after BMD already lowered the price of the two switchers to $495 and $795.