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About MixEffect

MixEffect is a professional tool for controlling Blackmagic ATEM switchers from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Silicon Mac.

MixEffect’s familiar interface gives you quick access to virtually everything you need — from switcher control, macros, audio, media, editing palettes, recording and streaming — to run your video productions. MixEffect then turns the dial past ten with animated SuperSource transitions, Video Follows Audio, customizable layouts, Shortcuts and Companion support, and much more.

MixEffect on iPadOS

Manage your live productions confidently with MixEffect!


The Creator

Hey, it’s Adam, the author of MixEffect. I’m an indie developer that loves video switcher tech. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I purchased an ATEM Mini Pro to explore the video and streaming world. In December, 2020, frustrated by the lack of a hardware DSK On Air button, I began writing an app for my iPhone that would toggle the setting. One button became two buttons, which became three and four. Before I knew it, I was writing a full-on ATEM control application for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS on Apple Silicon.

MixEffect was released as an open beta in March, 2021. It was launched on the App Store in May, 2021. Since then, the app has been used and purchased by thousands of people across the world. It makes me so happy to hear how MixEffect has improved your video production workflows. Your suggestions, feedback, and support have made MixEffect a better product. Thank you!


MixEffect Customer Testimonials

“It‘s the app BMD should have created, it’s a complete replacement for the ATEM Software control and much, much more!”

Colin M.

“My $50 won’t even talk to me any more cause it knows it is YOURS.”

Tom Q.