Having Problems Installing the MixEffect Companion Profiles?

MixEffect Companion Profile Correct Installation

The MixEffect Companion Profiles work in tandem with the Native MixEffect Companion Module to control the ATEM Mini Pro / ATEM Mini Pro ISO or the ATEM Mini Extreme / ATEM Mini Extreme ISO switchers. Sometimes when installing the profiles, none of the buttons work. There’s a bug in the currently shipping version of Companion where the Press Actions are not imported properly.

MixEffect Companion Profile for the ATEM Mini Extreme

Verifying the Profile did not Import Properly

Follow these steps to see if the profile did not import properly into Companion:

  1. Open Companion’s web admin.
  2. Go to Page 23.
  3. Click on Button 4, the one labeled White.
  4. Look in the Press Actions section.

Press Actions is Filled in

If the Press Actions section has a Color Generator: Set command defined, as in the screenshot below, the profile has been imported properly.

Companion profile was imported properly

Press Actions is Blank

On the other hand, if the Press Actions section is blank, the Companion profile did not import properly.

Companion profile did not import properly

Re-importing the Profile

To re-import the Companion profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Import/Export tab in Companion.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Navigate to the directory containing the MixEffect Companion Profile.
  4. Select the MixEffect Companion Profile (i.e. MixEffect-32-Extreme-Companion.companionconfig).
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click Replace current configuration.
  7. Confirm that you want to replace your existing Companion configuration with the new profile by clicking Import.
  8. Wait a few moments until Companion’s interface becomes responsive again.
  9. Quit and restart Companion.
  10. Open Companion’s web admin.
  11. Click on Connections.
  12. Configure the “mixeffect Adam Tow” and “OSC Generic” modules with the IP address and Port number of your MixEffect device.
  13. Click on Buttons.
  14. Go to Page 23.
  15. Click on Button 4.
  16. Verify that Press Actions are indeed defined for the button. If not, repeat steps 1–15 until it does.
Configuring the MixEffect Module
Configuring the OSC Generic Module

Once you have verified that the Companion Profile has imported properly, you should be able to control your ATEM through MixEffect and the Stream Deck. Happy switching!