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  • Discord Access
  • Member Articles
  • Support the ongoing development of MixEffect


  • All the Benefits of Bronze
  • Exclusive Member Articles
  • MixEffect University
  • Live Streams


  • All the Benefits of Bronze and Silver
  • Beta Releases of MixEffect
  • Free Companion Profiles
  • MixEffect Office Hours

Explanation of Benefits

Discord Community 🟤 ⚪️ 🟡

A community on Discord for discussing MixEffect. Dedicated channels for each feature of MixEffect so you can easily find the information that you need.

Free Content 🟤 ⚪️ 🟡

Every member has access to industry news and occasional free article and video on how to use MixEffect.

Exclusive Members-Only Articles ⚪️ 🟡

Silver and Gold members get access to exclusive members-only articles that will help you get the most out of MixEffect.

MixEffect University ⚪️ 🟡

Online courses, lessons, and quizzes for mastering MixEffect and other video production tools.

MixEffect University

Live Streams ⚪️ 🟡

Exclusive live streams for members with previews of upcoming features in MixEffect.

Beta Releases of MixEffect 🟡

Get access to pre-release versions of MixEffect.

Free Companion Profiles 🟡

Gold members get free copies of the MixEffect Companion Module.

MixEffect Office Hours 🟡

Gold members can attend a weekly MixEffect Office Hours to get technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MixEffect Labs?

MixEffect Labs is the official site for the MixEffect community.

Become a MixEffect Labs member to get access to exclusive content, training, a private Discord devoted to just MixEffect, beta releases, and more.

Why a Subscription?

The MixEffect app is offered at a one-time purchase. This means upgrades are free. The MixEffect Labs Membership Program ensures there are funds for future development and managing the long-term costs of the app.

What are the Membership Levels?

There are three tiers of membership for MixEffect Labs:

  • 🟤 Bronze
  • ⚪️ Silver
  • 🟡 Gold

Monthly and discounted annual pricing are available for each membership tier.

Tell Me About the Security of the Membership Program?

Subscriptions are handled with a Memberful integration, which supports HTTPS and is GDPR-compliant. Memberful uses Stripe to securely process your payment for a paid subscription.

Your credit card information is sent securely to Stripe. Memberful and MixEffect Labs never sees your credit card information. Read how Memberful and Stripe handle security.

Is Anything Free Here?

Yes, the MixEffects Lab website will have free content for all members. At the discretion of the admins of MixEffects Lab, some content for ⚪️ Silver and 🟡 Gold members may become freely available after an initial exclusivity period.