MixEffect Year One and Labs Announcement

MixEffect Year One

Hey, it’s Adam, the developer behind MixEffect. It has been a little over one year since I launched MixEffect, and the response, sales, and feedback continue to be very positive. Reading your comments, stories, and watching videos on how MixEffect has improved your workflows and video productions keeps bringing joy and a smile to my face. Thank you!

From the Public Beta in March, 2021, to the release on the App Store in May, 2022, and to today June 5, 2022, MixEffect has seen over 30 updates. Some significant changes came in these releases. If you’re new to MixEffect, you may not have known the following features were originally missing at launch:

  • Visual control of SuperSource
  • Locked box sources and transition styles in SuperSource
  • Companion and Stream Deck support via OSC
  • HyperDeck support
  • Equalizer and Dynamics support for Fairlight Audio
  • Animated parameters
  • Remote Webview
  • ATEM Constellation HD support, including the Counter Overlay
  • Localizations for German, Polish, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified

Sales continue to be strong one year into MixEffect’s life, but I have been asking myself the question, “What’s next?”

Thoughts on Pricing

Early in its MixEffect’s development, I made the deliberate decision to make the app a one-time purchase, via In-App Purchase in MixEffect or paid up-front in MixEffect Pro on the App Store.

I understand why many developers have chosen the subscription model for monetizing their applications. Development costs money, and a one-time purchase makes it more challenging for an independent developer to make a living as the years go by.

So what’s a developer like myself suppose to do? Switch the app to a subscription model? Re-brand a future version of MixEffect as MixEffect 2 or add additional Pro features behind IAP? Write more apps in the video production space? Is there another way to bring in recurring revenue to make the indie life viable?

Introducing MixEffect Labs

I think so, and today, I’m announcing MixEffect Labs, a new subscription membership program for MixEffect users and the greater community of video production professionals and enthusiasts.

There are three tiers of membership in MixEffect Labs, each with monthly and annual plans. Drop in, drop off when you want. It’s all up to you!

  • 🟤 Bronze – $1/month or $10/annually
  • ⚪️ Silver – $6/month or $60/annually
  • 🟡 Gold – $10/month or $100/annually

Benefits of MixEffect Labs include:

  • The warm fuzzies you get when you know you’re supporting an indie developer and creator 🟤 ⚪️ 🟡
  • Industry news, opinions, and the occasional review 🟤 ⚪️ 🟡
  • A private Discord server dedicated to MixEffect 🟤 ⚪️ 🟡
  • Exclusive Members-Only Articles ⚪️ 🟡
  • MixEffect University ⚪️ 🟡
  • Live Streams ⚪️ 🟡
  • MixEffect Technical Support Office hours 🟡
  • Free access to my MixEffect Companion Profiles 🟡
  • Early look at MixEffect Beta releases 🟡

Tiers and benefits are described in more detail in the MixEffect Labs Membership page. Ready to get started? Click the button below and hop on the MixEffects Lab bus!

If you don’t want to join MixEffect Labs right now, no problem! Your copy of MixEffect will continue to run for the foreseeable future — so as long as Blackmagic Design doesn’t completely rewrite the ATEM UDP protocol and break compatibility with MixEffect!

Looking Ahead to Year Two

Thank you for your support over the first year of MixEffect’s existence. I’m tremendously excited by some of the new projects I have in mind for the next year. When they are ready, I am looking forward to sharing them with you and the rest of the community.