MixEffect 1.6.6 Released

MixEffect and MixEffect Pro 1.6.6 have been approved and are making their way through the App Stores. If you have Auto-Update enabled, you’ll be getting it soon. Otherwise, check for a notification when you open MixEffect and visit the App Store to download.

Here’s what’s new, improved, and fixed in the 1.6.6 release:


  • [Bug Fix] Split Fairlight Audio sources no longer create a blank space in the Audio section when Sort Audio Sources by State.
  • [Bug Fix] Choose option will be displayed in VFA Change Program Source if no source has been set.


  • [New] Loop Still and Clips in Media Player setting wraps to the beginning and end when cycling through stills and clips.
  • [New] Always Open to Default Section setting forces MixEffect to go to the Default Section for a Switcher Connection on any disconnect/reconnect. Normally, MixEffect remembers the last section you were on in a disconnect/reconnect cycle.
  • [New] Disable Update Banner setting hides the updated or new version notification banner.


  • [New] Get Auxes action. Returns all the auxiliary outputs in the current switcher.
  • [New] IsFadeToBlack action. Returns off, on, or transitioning state of the Fade to Black for the selected Mix Effects Bus.


  • [New] Ability to specify a URL to preview the SuperSource Art background or foreground. Only available on devices running iOS 15.
  • [UI] Removed Presets header label to save vertical space.

Switcher Page Panels

  • [New] Added individual panels for Media Player 1-4.

Attention now turns to the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 versions of MixEffect. With iPadOS 16’s likely delay to October, I will likely wait until the Fall before releasing the next version of MixEffect. I’m looking forward to this release, and it will contain the ability for MixEffect to run in the background (using the Picture-in-Picture feature of iOS and iPadOS). Until then, happy switching with MixEffect 1.6.6!