Set HyperDeck Drive Shortcut

Set HyperDeck Drive Shortcut

A shortcut to change the current drive used by a HyperDeck. Can be used to select the USB drive on the newer HyperDeck Studio lineup.


  1. Download the Set HyperDeck Drive shortcut.
  2. Run the shortcut.
  3. The first time you run the shortcut, it will prompt you to enter the IP address of your HyperDeck.
  4. A menu will appear with the number of drives available on the selected HyperDeck.
  5. Choose the drive you want to switch to.

Note: The HyperDeck will look for files matching the current video mode. To change the video mode of a HyperDeck, run the HyperDeck File Format shortcut.


Shortcuts returns with an error “Could not communicate with the Helper application.”

Try running the shortcut again. This is a Shortcuts error that has been present in iOS 15.

Shortcut returns an error “Internal error 108.”

The HyperDeck might have crashed. Try rebooting the HyperDeck.

No videos appear in the list of clips on the HyperDeck

Make sure you have selected the correct video mode that corresponds to the type of clips you have uploaded to the HyperDeck.

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