MixEffect Pro 1.8.0 Release Notes

The 1.8.0 update to MixEffect and MixEffect Pro was released on the App Store on March 21, 2023. Here are the new features, updates, changes, and bug fixes:

ATEM Switchers

  • Added support for ATEM Television Studio HD8 and HD8 ISO models.

Counter Overlay

  • Time of Day button sets the Counter Overlay to the current time in either 12h or 24h format.


  • Improved HTTP feedback support for upcoming Companion 3.0-compatible version of MixEffect Companion Module.
  • Removed OSC Companion Feedback feature.
  • Added SuperSource Box Position, Size, Top, Bottom, Left, and Right values to feedback.


  • Add ability to run a shortcut when executing a macro from within MixEffect.
  • Add ability to run a shortcut automatically when a macro is run on the ATEM.


  • Added Delete Still and Delete Clip OSC commands for deleting stills and clips from the Media Pool.
  • Fairlight Equalizer Gain Adjust sets the gain correctly.
  • SuperSource Box Full sets the enable or cropped value correctly.
  • SuperSource Box Crop Full sets the cropped value correctly.
  • Support for controlling MixEffect with QLab 5.1 via OSC.


  • Added global keyboard shortcut to toggle recording: Command-Option-Shift-Control-R
  • Added global keyboard shortcut to toggle streaming: Command-Option-Shift-Control-S

Reposition in Box

  • Add ability to reposition an input source inside a SuperSource box.
  • Add ability to reposition an input source inside the USK DVE or Flying Key.


  • Added Delete Media action to delete clips or stills from the Media Pool.
  • Change Switcher Section action supports HyperDecks, View All Presets, and Run in Background sections.


  • Display a purple banner when you are connected to the ATEM Simulator.

Video Follows Audio

  • Run Macro VFA triggers will now run once per trigger. Macro triggers will reset after another VFA trigger has occurred.
  • Adjusted sample size algorithm for more accurate triggering after VFA Hold is removed.
  • Increased sample size for Master VFA triggers from 300 to 500.
  • Increased sample size for non-Master VFA triggers to 100 to 300.

Bug Fixes

  • USK Luma settings update properly when changed outside of MixEffect.
    RGB sliders in color pickers correctly convert to HSL values.
  • Use a SerialQueue when appending array items to the HTTP Feedback object to prevent crashes.
  • Flying Key settings are more consistent with that of ATEM Software Control.
  • Prevent crash when scrolling in the Switcher section when in portrait mode.