Original ATEM Mini Discontinued, Lower Price Points for ATEM Mini Pro and Mini Pro ISO

Blackmagic has discontinued the original ATEM Mini and lowered the price of the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO to $295 and $595 respectively. This comes one year after BMD already lowered the price of the two switchers to $495 and $795.


Blackmagic Design introduced the first ATEM Mini live production video switcher for $295 in September, 2019. The four input HDMI switcher could function as a webcam on a Mac or PC. Seven months later in April, 2020, the ATEM Mini Pro came out for $595. It added the ability to stream directly to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other RTMP-based live streaming providers via the built-in Ethernet port, record program feed to an attached USB-C drive, and output any source, including Multiview, via HDMI. A few months later, BMD released the ATEM Mini Pro ISO for $895. The ISO variant enabled the isolated recording of each video and audio input, along with the program record, to the external USB-C drive.

ATEM Mini Pro, now for sale at $295

I purchased the ATEM Mini Pro in 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to better understand the live video production. That decision set me down the path to ultimately creating MixEffect in 2021. I bemoaned the lack of a dedicated DSK On/Off button on the ATEM Mini Pro, and I wanted to create an app to address that need. And look how far we’ve come!

An early screenshot of the app that would become MixEffect (January, 2021)

While we say goodbye to the original ATEM Mini, we say hello to a new lower price point for the ATEM Mini Pro. At $295, this is a pretty good price for anyone who’s looking to get into live video production at home or work. For those who already have ATEM Mini Extremes or the rack-mount ATEM switchers, an extra ATEM Mini Pro may function as a backup switcher, green screen chroma key output device (for SuperSource), dedicated streaming device for one of your main switcher’s outputs, or more.