Around the Horn for 6/30/22

Every week, I’ll collect videos and links you may find interesting to watch and read from the video production world. Please enjoy!

Level up your ATEM Mini livestreams using the YoloBox!

In this YouTube video, Aaron Parecki, shows how a YoloBox Pro with an ATEM Mini can work together to do things each switcher cannot do on their own. Every Sunday at 10:00 am PT, Aaron goes live with his subscribers talking about video production tools he’s using, updates to his 3-D printed stands, and more. Check him out and subscribe to his channel.

RØDECaster Pro II Mix Minus: Everything You Need To Know!

Tom Buck explains how to use Mix Minus on the new Rodecaster Pro II audio interface. Mix Minus is a topic that I personally want to master in the future. Tom has a series of videos on the Rodecaster Pro II on Tom’s channel that are worth watching if you’re looking to upgrade from the original Rodecaster Pro or want to up-level your audio. As a former high school teacher, he explains concepts extremely well and has a good sense of humor. Check out his channel and subscribe.

Keith Bennett Recaps Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K G2 Announce

Keith Bennett was one of the first people who reached out to me in the early days of MixEffect in 2021. I have appeared on his show several times, and it’s always a blast. His positive attitude and love of video production shows through in his videos. If you want to learn all the ins-and-outs of using the HyperDeck Studio HD and HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders from Blackmagic, Keith’s channel is one you should follow. In his latest live stream, he takes a look at the newly announced Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema 6K G2 video and stills camera. I currently use a Canon 5D Mark IV as my primary webcam. I like how the higher-end Pocket Cinema cameras feature the Canon EF mount, which means all my lenses for the 5D will work on the Pocket Cinema.

Powering an ATEM Mini Extreme rack with V Mount Batteries

I’ve known Gary Cruz for what seems like forever. He used to attend my Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user group meetings. Back in the early 2000s, Canon was the leading provider of DSLRs, and I created COBA to cater to digital photography enthusiasts. At our monthly COBA meetings, we got sneak peaks at the latest offerings from Canon, welcomed presenters who were doing awesome work shooting underwater photography with digital cameras, making gigapixel images, and more.

Gary is also into video production, and in his latest video, he powers an entire rack of equipment, including an ATEM Mini Extreme, some HyperDecks, a MixPre 3, and more using V Mount batteries. If you want to use your ATEM switcher and gear where power cords can’t reach, check out this video and subscribe to Gary’s channel for more AV content.

H2R Gear

If you have a lot of gear, and I know you must have if you’ve read this far, you’ll want to check out John Barker’s H2R Gear website. It’s a diagramming tool for visualizing how your AV gear is organized and connected. The basic tool is free to use, and there are paid plans with export capabilities and team-centric features.

I have been mulling whether I should purchase an ATEM 2 M/E Constellation HD switcher in my rack. H2R Gear is helping me figure out what I would need to buy in addition to the switcher. I quickly learned that moving from HDMI to SDI is more than just getting a new switcher. It means buying a ton of BiDirectional HDMI-SDI Converters, a HyperDeck for recording, a Web Presenter for streaming, and a ton of cables.

That’s it for this week and the month of June. See you in July!